Ben's Truck Trip

Michael did a truck trip on the weekend to help out a friend (because he loves driving trucks!) and Ben decided that he would like to go with him. Michael thought, "Hooray, a son after my own heart." but we discovered that Ben's real motivation was so that he could read his Narnia books in peace the whole way, without the constant rabble of three younger siblings that usually accompanies our long trips in the car. We all drove to Perth as a family and then Michael and Ben did a truck trip to Denmark, through Albany and back to Perth (1000 km round trip) which took 24 hours.

Ben did get lots of reading done (he is now very excited to be up to The Last Battle), and slept on the little bed in the truck cabin, and enjoyed the peace and quiet, and the time with Dad. They even had meat pies for tea, like real truckies!


  1. I love Ben's real reason for wanting to go, lol! It looks like he had heaps of fun too :-)

  2. What a great Father-Son trip! How lovely that you have a reader in the family - kids who love to read are never bored! Has Ben seen the new Narnia movie yet?


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