Our latest colourful menagerie of plastic soon-to-be landfill

Hmm... I have a lot to say about toothbrushes!

We go through a phenomenal amount of them... 6 people brushing their teeth at least 2 times a day and replacing toothbrushes every 2-3 months (lately it's been more like every 2 months) means we throw a lot of plastic in the bin!!

If every person in Australia is changing their toothbrush once every 4 months (being conservative in my estimating here) then we are throwing out at least 60 million toothbrushes a year! Eep!

For some strange reason lately, our toothbrushes have all started getting shaggy really quickly. Are they making toothbrushes with less durable bristles so that we have to replace them more often? That is my toothbrush scandal theory anyway. Maybe we are just biting them more!

Also, I always only just get comfortable with a brand and go in to get more the same, and they are no longer in existence! What is with that?! And why the really wierd shaped bristles lately? It is so hard to find a plain, normal toothbrush where the bristles are flat along the top... instead they all look like a jagged mountain range... and they have also all started coming out with tongue cleaners on the back! Bizarre!

Anyway, I feel really bad about it... every time I change the families toothbrushes I feel guilty and wasteful when I look at the handful of colourful plastic handles, often emblazoned with colourful characters or whatever looked fun at the time that I am about to toss out.

We have tried toothbrushes with replaceable heads in the past and they were awful! Nothing beats using a toothbrush where the head falls off in your mouth or pinches your lip!
Well, there has to be a better way!

I am going to research eco toothbrushes and report back with my findings in the hope that a bit less plastic goes to landfill... heh heh

Wish me luck!

Oh, and on the same note... it is the same with disposable razors... why is it so expensive to buy refill heads to go on a razor handle, and so cheap to buy a packet of disposable razors each with their own very fancy, thick, shiny, plastic handle with rubber grips that look identical to the reusable handles? I don't get it!!

If anyone is already using some type of eco toothbrush, either natural materials or replacea
ble heads please let me know what type it is, if you love it or not, and where you can get them... thanks!!


  1. I agree with the waistage!!! I acyually keep mine and use them to clean the sink drains. etc you can also use them as a flicky paint brush for the kids lots of mess but lots of fun...would love to hear of any eco alternative !

  2. I will be interested in the results of your research!

  3. I wish we weren't such a throw away society, I don't think people realize things like how many plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year until some one points it out, good for you, I will be interested in what your research turns up.

  4. Yup, we try to recycle our toothbrushes here by using them for cleaning, but there's really only so many toothbrushes a house can have right!
    Will be watching your blog with great interest! Would love an eco alternative! Perhaps there's a market you could tap into here Ruth ;)

  5. I totally agree with you, Ruth. I use them for cleaning as well, but we go through so many, raczors as well. Seems like there could be an easy solution. I willl watch to see if you find something : )

  6. I'm interested as well - I have toothbrushes coming out my ears!!! It would be lovely to find an ecological solution. Hey, if you come up with something, I'll be your partner in crime :D

  7. You could use a cactus needle for floss.

  8. We have been talking about this in the last couple of weeks too. I have noticed that the kids toothbrushes are perishing so quickly these days, sometimes after only a couple of weeks! So wasteful.

  9. My dog gets his teeth gently brushed with my toothbrush afterwords. So why do women shave their legs? I've always tried to figure out why I do this odd thing????

    I need help with making a banner for my site!!! Anyone feel like giving me some advice? Please.

  10. Aloha!
    Here is what I found online:


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