Castle Rock

We had a family trip to the Porongurup Ranges yesterday, with our friends and their 4 kids, to climb Castle Rock. It is only about 40 mins away from our house, so it is great for a morning trip.

We set off from home at 9 am in the pouring rain, and waited under shelter for a few minutes when we got there, while the rain passed over. After that, we had sunshine for the whole climb up. The wildflowers were out in abundance, and the 8 kids were all full of boundless energy!

Jacob, sporting his black eye from falling off a rock at Ledge Beach on Monday!

At the top of the mountain, is a scary ladder with a cage around it, going up to the top of the rock, so we mums sat at the bottom of the rock with the little ones, while the daddy's took the other kids up. They came down in quite a hurry, saying that it looked like rain was fast approaching, so we all took shelter under a very big rock.

What started falling, was not rain, but hail, which was pretty exciting, so of course all the kids decided to run out into the hail and try to catch it and eat it!

The hail quickly passed, and the sun returned in time for our downward journey, and we had a lovely picnic at the bottom.

Here are the kids holding up the balancing rock!

We found this natural arch of red wildflowers, and couldn't resist the opportunity to take some photos...


  1. what a wonderful, beautiful place for kids to explore!

  2. You guys go to the neatest places!!! I would LOVE to go there, so I can only imagine what my kids would say.

  3. If only everyone could take 5 minutes out of the day to appreciate our beautiful surroundings. I love reading your blogs Ruth, and I think your kids are just adorable!! What a lovely day and way to spend time with family and friends. I love the last pic especially! Beautiful!

  4. Hi Ruth,
    The walk sounds lovely! Reminded me of Cradle Mountain in Tassie where you can experience the four seasons within a few hours. The hail sounded like a lot of fun for the kids :-)

    x Nora

  5. What lovely countryside and how lucky are your children to be able to see it all.


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