Fun Weekend

Well we had a fun weekend here, apart from poor Michael being very sick for most of it.

We had friends from Perth come to stay for the weekend, so we went out to the Wind Farm and Whale World on Saturday. We had lunch in the Whale World cafe and then the kids played on the rocks at the little beach there. I didn't bring my camera, but took a few photos with my mobile phone.

We also had Mum come visit after church yesterday which was lovely.

Charlotte took this photo of Mum and I

Then yesterday afternoon we drove out to a winery in the Porongorups with friends. The kids had great fun on this giant log.

Michael is better this morning, but poor little Oliver is now sick... we are hoping and praying that no-one else catches the dreaded stomach bug!


  1. What a fun weekend being out with nature! Hope Michael and Oliver get better soon!

    Take care xx

  2. Hey Ruth, wow - so many lovely posts - Matilda is adorable, a real cutie. I love the taggy giraffe! Looks like you had a lovely weekend but shame about the illnesses. I hope that full health returns to you all soon.

  3. Hi Ruth, looking at the photos of you & your Mum, I realised I have met you - at the Ellenbrook Ladies retreat at Eagles Nest. I still have your Mum's teaset from the mug exchange. Small world indeed.
    Janelle xx

  4. What great photos - they are just beautiful!

  5. What great photos - they are just beautiful!

  6. Wonderful photos, you all look like you had a "whale" of a time.


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