Toilet Trained Overnight!

Yay! Oliver is suddenly perfectly toilet trained and it happened overnight!

I think he just decided he was a big boy... heh heh.
A few weeks ago, I did just take his nappy off and let him run around in the backyard for a few days, to see how it all "worked"... and then just put some undies on him and asked him to keep them dry and let me know when he needed to go to the toilet.

He had quite a few accidents that day, and then we had to go out for the next few days, so he was back in a nappy, but after that, we put him in undies and he just suddenly got it! He used the potty for a few days, then the toilet with a little soft seat for a couple of days, and then decided he didn't need any of it, and wanted to be a big boy like all the other kids. He now just uses the big toilet and takes himself off to the toilet every time and climbs up and does it all perfectly!

He has even been dry at nights which is amazing. I just can't believe how easy it has all been and he has been like this all week (just a few rare little accidents).

This has certainly been my easiest episode of toilet training ever, but he is older than the other kids were when I started them (Oliver is 2 1/2).

So yay, no more nappies!!
Oh, and on that note, I have just realised that I have never done a post on modern cloth nappies, which is all we use...

Over 4 years ago, my sister-in-law (Sasha) and I started a business,
Green Kids, making and selling our own pattern of pocket nappies. We sewed each nappy ourselves at the kitchen table, and sold them on our online store.

Well the business grew very quickly and we couldn't keep up with the sewing, so we started getting them all manufactured for us in Perth (Australia) and the business just got bigger and bigger.

When my 4th baby was born, it all became too much work for me with a new baby and 3 other little kiddies, so I withdrew from the business, leaving it in the capable hands of Sasha :-)

If you haven't tried modern cloth nappies, pop over to Green Kids and have look! You will be pleasantly surprised. There are huge cost benefits and environmental benefits to using cloth nappies which you can read about on the website.

(Please note, the images below are copyright, Green Kids).

Nappy Packages

And below are some of Oliver's lovely stash of Green Kids nappies with bamboo inserts that will soon be finding new homes (let me know if you are interested).


  1. Hi Ruth - I've just been over to Green Kids - lovely website. I don't have kids but the products look great - I guess it is a catch 22 because all the effort you put in makes it successful and busy but with 4 little 'uns something has to give.

  2. How wonderful for you and Oliver that toilet training went so smoothly, and hooray to you for using cloth nappies, that is all I used on my daughter, I think they are so much better all around.
    It is nice to do all we can to keep so much stuff out of the landfil.

  3. Oh wow, congratulations on TT :)

    I am interested in your GK's if you are wanting them to find a new home :) You can PM me on NC if you like.

  4. Hi Ruth
    Thanks for popping by our blog, so nice to 'meet' you & have a read of your blog too! Congrats on Olivers toilet training, its always good to tick that off the list :)
    Janelle xx
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  5. Hi Ruth,

    If you want to part with your GKs, please PM me on NC :)
    Oh and congrats on Oliver toilet training, well done! :)


  6. Thats so great the toilet training, I'm not having much luck I'm afraid. Good for you!

  7. I love your nappy fabrics! Using cloth diapers is such a great thing, and a great business idea!


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