Little Athletics

Our kids all love going to Little Athletics every Saturday morning... they compete in 4-5 events each week which rotate so they do different things each week.

Our kids go in all the events and it's great to see them enjoying everything and getting right into it. This week they had hurdles, long jump, shot put and a 1500 m so it's quite tiring but they love it.

Oliver and Jacob are too young to be official members, but they have a "Tiny Tots" race each week, and they love to wear a green t-shirt to be just like the big kids and go in a race. They take it so seriously, but have so much fun at the same time.


  1. That looks like a great weekend activity for the kids, does it take up a sizable chunk of time? We are toying with the idea of little athletics here in Margaret River, but with a huge out of hours time commitment to school we are unsure if we can.

    Congrats on the new blessing too!

    Laura (formerly of Freo)

  2. These are fabulous pictures! Can you tell me what type of camera and setting you are using?

    Congrats on the newest addition!

  3. Oh Ruth these are such gorgeous pics. Bet taking your kids to Little Aths brings back memories ... we had some fun didn't we?!!! And I remember your Mum running along the sideline cheering "Go Alice, Go" ... to tiny little Alice with her hair flying out behind her in the little kids race!

  4. We love Little Athletics... it usually only goes from 9 am till about 11 am on a Saturday morning and that's it! No midweek training neccessary.

    The other good thing about it is that you can choose to go in whatever events you like, so you can go late or leave early and you are not "letting down the team" because it's all individual events.

    The kids all compete at the same time, so it's great for families... events are happening all over the oval and you can watch them all at once while sitting on the lawn with your little ones.

    You can just turn up any week as a guest with no uniform and try it out for free (for up to 3 weeks I think...) so it's definitely worth just turning up one Sat morning and letting your kids have a go!

    Let me know if you would like any more info :-)

    Ruth xx

  5. Hey Jules

    Yep, brings back great memories! I think I was always scared of racing against you because it meant I had to run until it hurt!

    That's probably me now too, saying "Go Oliver!" when he is running down the track. They are so cute when they are that little and they have such fun :-)

    Ruth xx


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