Ben's First Soccer Game!

Ben had his first day of soccer today, so I am now officially a soccer mum... heh heh.

I was sure it would be raining, but it was glorious! He had great fun, and the other three kids seemed happy to be watching from the sidelines. At one stage I did turn around to see what had happened to Jacob and Oliver and saw them playing swords with a couple of sticks they had found. What is it with boys and sticks? They were probably the only two sticks on the whole oval!

If the game looks a little confusing, it is because the two teams were wearing almost identical uniforms... Ben in in the team with the green and black tops and the other team had green and white tops.


  1. You go soccer mum!! LOL Or should it be 'mom'.

    Kids soccer is so much fun to watch :)

  2. how cute are they! he'll be a beckam one day :)

  3. aww how awesome Ruth. He looks so cute!


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