Devil's Slide

Instead of going to church on Sunday morning, we climbed Devil's Slide! We prayed as we walked and it was wonderful to be out in God's beautiful creation as a family.

The kids all did really well, and we didn't get any complaining on the way up. A couple of them did slip over on the way down, but they were fine. It drizzled a little on the way up and was freezing cold at the top (toughen the kids up I say!) but we all had a lovely time.

After our climb up the mountain and back, we bought hot pies on the way home for lunch and had them with a warm milo followed by hot baths. What a lovely day!


  1. wow that looks like a great day out!! Lovely pics, your family is gorgeous!

  2. what a great walk - those trees are amazing
    lisa x

  3. As usual, your family and pictures are beautiful.


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