Big Bed

Last night Oliver climbed out of his cot!!! He didn't fall or anything (luckily)... he just climbed out quietly and got into Charlotte's bed. When we came in he was lying down with the covers pulled up to his chin. We said, "This is Charlotte's bed" and he said "No, my bed!" Ha ha ha... so funny and so cheeky!

I think it all started on the weekend in Cowaramup, where he discovered that he could climb out of the portacot, and kept putting himself to bed in our big bed...

We didn't think we'd better put him back into his cot last night in case he tried climbing out again and broke his neck or something, so we wheeled the cot away and put the two spare mattresses there on top of each other instead... so Oliver is now in a "big bed". He is so pleased with himself of course! Funny boy!

Here he is in his big bed, pulling a funny "camera" face.

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