Blackberry picking

Blackberry picking is so much fun! I used to read about it all the time in my Enid Blyton books when I was little, and thought it would be "splendid fun".

We are fortunate enough to have bush next to our house that was a farm many decades ago, and has rows of blackberries still growing there.

Our kids go blackberry picking with much enthusiasm, and little colourful buckets. They love to see who can find the biggest, juiciest berries, and they are very brave about getting prickles.

We went on the weekend with Matt and Sasha and Reuben and Alissa, who were down to stay with us for Easter. The cousins joined in with extra enthusiasm and they all had a wonderful time.

We made yummy blackberry tarts when we got home, so the kids got to eat the fruits of their labor!

Oliver checking out Charlotte's bucket

Reuben and Ben with the biggest, juiciest berries

Yum... blackberry tarts

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  1. how fantastic! i could use some blackberry tart right now .. whipped cream .. ice-cream. yum!!


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