First Day of School

5th February 2008The first day of school is always bitter-sweet. For Jacob it was mostly happy, exciting and fun, but he did cling to the door of the kindy and cry as we walked away *sob*. When we came to pick him up he was playing happily and just waved to us and yelled "Hi!" and kept on playing. It was great to know that he was enjoying himself. His teacher told us that he only cried for 2 minutes and then was happy the whole day, so I think we did the right thing by just leaving when we did.
When I took him home he wanted to stay and said, "But I haven't had my rest at kindy on the mat yet" (they just have half days for the first few weeks)... so he must have had heaps of fun! Yay!

Here are all three kids on the first day of school this year. I can't believe I now have three school kids! I don't know where the time went. I only have Oliver home now for 2 days a week... I have big plans for my free time! *grin*

I bought each of the kids a fun new lunchbox to start the year with. They love them, and it makes packing them each night more enjoyable for me too!

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