10th Wedding Anniversary

12th April 2008

Yesterday was our 10th Wedding Anniversary so we decided to celebrate by spending the weekend away together in Denmark. Ben and Charlotte went to friend's houses for the night, and Dad came down to Albany to look after Jacob and Oliver. We stayed at Chimes which was really lovely, and had dinner at the Southern End restaurant. Today we went cruising around Denmark being tourists, and then got lunch at Bento Box to have down by the river. We had a lovely afternoon relaxing and stopping at fun little places on the way home (picked up some honey mead at Bartholomew's Meadery) and made it back to our house around 6:30pm.

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  1. You two are so cute! the spa looks soo nice! The last time we stayed at a hotel, there was a spa, but the treatments were like $200 each.
    I love Japanese food now I need to go have lunch!


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