Saturday 14th April 2008

We decided this morning, at late notice, to go to Kendenup today, so we threw our sleeping bags in the car and headed off at around lunchtime. We bought some fresh bread and ham at the Kendenup store on the way through, and had lunch when we got to Heather and Bob's house.

Our kids have always looked forward to seeing Ginger the horse when we go up to Kendenup, but Ginger died a little while ago, so the last few visits have been a little bit sad for them.

Today there was a new horse to visit and feed. His name is Nemo and he is very gentle and sensible. The kids all fed him carrots, and even got to have a ride. He was so patient with 3 or 4 little children on his back at once and ambled through the bush happily.

Charlotte was definitely the most keen on the horse, and no doubt she will be begging us to visit Nemo again soon!

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