ANZAC Weekend

Well we had a great ANZAC weekend! On Friday, we had a cousin's (Patrick) birthday party in Kendenup to go to, so I went up there with the 4 kiddies. We had a lovely time, and were home at about lunchtime. Michael stayed in Albany and marched in the ANZAC parade. We were planning to all be there for the parade, but the party was at the same time.

Heidi and Chris arrived from Perth soon after we got back and had dinner with us. On Saturday, we all went shopping then had chips for lunch at Middleton Beach. That night, while Heidi and Chris were at the wedding that they came down for, I went to a friend's 30th birthday with all the kids, but poor Michael was working so he couldn't come.

On Sunday, we went to the early church service (8:30), then came home to get ready for a church lunch. We had 20 people over for lunch, and it was really lovely. There were lots of kids and they all ran around and had a great time.

Now today is the last day of the holidays, and am I allowed to say that I am quite looking forward to tomorrow? Ben, Charlotte and Jacob will be off to school for the day, so Michael and I might do something nice and relaxing with Oliver...

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