Fort Water Balloon!

It was a little scary venturing down the far side of the house today. Ben, Charlotte and Jacob have built a fort down there. They used all the cardboard boxes that Ben has been saving up in his cupboard for months to "make something with". They took a heap of waterballoons into the fort and I was ambushed when I came to see them! Our recyling bin will be full this week! At least it kept them busy and happy for the morning.


  1. I love this. How much fun are your kids having!!!?!?!? It is fantastic to see kids outside enjoying healthy, active, fun :-)

    It's amazing how many Ruth's our age there actually are. I went through my childhood thinking I was the only Ruth on Earth under 70yo , but now I seem to meet a new Ruth everywhere I go!

  2. Ohhh.. this looks like so much fun!

    Thank you for your comments on my blogs!


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