Lima beans

It would probably be considered strange to most people, but in our family one of our traditional dishes to serve at Christmas time is garlic lima beans.

It is very interesting that lima beans originally come from Lima in Peru but they are not pronounced "leema" like the city in Peru, but rather the beans are correctly pronounced "lyma". Very strange...

Anyway, I made garlic lima beans as one of our dishes for tea last night and of course the kids are not extremely fond of them yet, but they will be soon... mwah hah hah. They all ate a decent serving spoon full without too much complaint. When I married Michael and he came to our first extended family dinner, he thought the lima beans were terrible, and couldn't believe we cooked them and served them as part of an extravagant feast. It did take him a few Christmas dinners of trying them out of politeness before he started liking them, and now he really loves them.

Of course, I just had to Google them, and discovered that lima beans are one of the healthiest foods in the world! They are extremely high in fibre, and they also help your body detoxify sulfites.

Lima beans have a starchy yet buttery texture and flavour (hence their other name - butter beans). When I was little, I was not too fond of them and thought they were too "floury". Now of course, I can't get enough of them. Although sometimes I do have a sneaking suspicion that it may just be the garlic, butter and salt that make them so delicious, and that even cardboard might be quite palatable if cooked this way...

Anyway, last night I cooked up a whole packet of them. First I soaked them in water for 6 - 8 hours, then simmered them for about half an hour. When they were done, I gently fried a heap of freshly chopped garlic cloves and salt, in olive oil. I stirred this fragrant mixture through the hot beans and added some butter to melt through (real butter of course) and heaped it all into a huge ceramic bowl.

We ate more than half of them last night (with baked chicken, noodles and cucumber salad) and there were still so many left, so I just covered the dish and popped them into the fridge.

Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?! ...Cold! ...Yum!

I do feel sorry for Alice and Paul who are coming to stay with us tomorrow... we will all smell so strongly of garlic!

Are there any other strange people in the world who actually choose to eat lima beans for pleasure?


  1. Hi Ruth, thanks heaps for leaving a message for me! Appreciated. I know, rather crazy making two of those quilts and maybe considering doing another one! I love your Playlist! My brother met Geoff Moore at Easterfest (AGMF) in Toowoomba at Easter this year. Stu said he was lovely. You must be super busy with four littlies! They are really gorgeous. From your blog - I'm not sure that I'll be trying Lima beans any time soon... but you never know!! Take care and shall pop in again sometime.

  2. Love the comment about garlic cardboard Ruthie, lol! Mmmmmm, lima beans :-) I must confess the process I went through to like them was much the same as Michaels, lol!

  3. Hey Ruth, now I'm coming to your page to listen to some great Christian music!! Wanted to give you two myspace addies to check out too....

    cool music!!

    oh... a third

  4. Hi, thanks for your quilty comment, it's coming along nicely now. Your kids are so cute and I love Charlottes top. Lima beans.. can't say I've ever even heard of them, but don't think I'll be trying them chuckle.
    Lisa x

  5. Sounds delicious, I might give garlic lima beans a go myself! Thx for your comment also, my headache is a lot better today!!

  6. oooh, that sounds quite good- garlicky lima beans...mmm :)

    Thanks for visiting the pigeon loft- you'd be surprised how many people think they're penguins!

  7. MMmmmmm.....beans....Actually we do eat quite a lot of these in our house. Not on their own though. We chuck them in soups, pastas, casseroles etc. My daughter is absolutely MAD for them!!!!!

  8. Hi Ruth! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog!

    I don't like Lima beans yet, but I think I could learn to love them if I was eating them in Australia. :) I have always wanted to go there!!

    I just had to stop by and say that your kids are beautiful!!


  9. hey ruth, you're in oz? we're still across the ditch, but life in oz is looking a tad rosier in the financial pocket, loads of kiwis are escaping to greener pastures. dear friends of ours have been in seeeed-neeeeey for four years, i miss them so much!

    ok, lima beans? i grew up eating olives and crazy beans when other kiddos were all down at the dairy gorging on chocolate fish.
    when Bulldog and i were first married, one of his fave things i used to make was Lima Bean Curry. but i have no idea what i put in it, i'm not really a recipe-girl, i might try it again now that you mention lima beans...
    mwah X

  10. I love lima beans. I will have to try them with butter and garlic now!

  11. Hi Ruth,
    Garlic lima beans sound great! I'll mention it to my other half. Maybe (hopefully) she'll be inspired. :)


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