Sundews, Drosera, Rainbows...

We are very blessed to live next door to a patch of bush and the kids love to go for walks with us in there.

On our walk yesterday afternoon, we saw some kangaroos which were happy to sit and observe us for a while. We also found some climbing sundews (
Drosera macrantha). When I was little we called these "rainbows" and we used to pick them to make fairy crowns. I have just found on another site that one common name for them is "bridal rainbow" so at least we weren't just making it up!

Ben is always interested in things like this. It is amazing to look closely and see all the little insects trapped in the the sticky "flowers". Drosera are one of the carnivorous plants, and many different species of them are found all over the world. They secrete a sticky substance which is also acidic. It traps insects, and then dissolves them to use as a source of nutrients. They can grow in very poor soil as they get the nutrients they need from the insects they "eat".

Is anyone else familiar with these plants? I'm interested to hear what other people call them.


  1. Oh, how lucky your family is to live near the bush. As a kid I did too, and loved getting lost in the scrub! Sadly we're smack bang in the centre of the city now...

  2. Hi Ruth
    When we were kids we used to go orchid picking and mushroom picking in the bush. We were always told that if we picked the rainbow creeper it would rain. We tested this superstition once and it did rain before we got home!! We never picked it again!!!


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