Campfire and Cows in Kendenup

Our day in Kendenup yesterday was very fun! We lit a little fire and cooked damper, potatoes in the coals (wrapped in alfoil) and toasted marshmallows on sticks.

Oliver was funny because he was watching everyone else and we gave him a stick and a marshmallow and he would put a marshmallow on his stick, blow on it, then eat it without cooking it... it was very cute!

They burnt the damper till it was black as coal, because of course they put it straight in the flames to cook quickly instead of nice and slowly over the coals. We broke the damper open and smothered the inside with butter and honey, and they all thought it was delicious anyway.

The view was beautiful too, and even though you couldn't really see the Stirlings because of all the clouds, the green paddocks and the cows were lovely.


  1. Looks like a magic day out - enjoy the school holidays!!

  2. You have the most gorgeous kids. I hope your a proud mummy :)
    Thanks for coming by my blog. Hopefully as of tomorrow I will start getting my fluffy mail and will post my new wool and it might be a little more interesting hehe

  3. You take such fantastic pictures! Gla dyou are all enjoying the holidays.


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