Orchard Game

This is one of our favourite games. We love it because it is a cooperative game (either everyone wins, or the crow wins). The whole family works together as a team to pick all the fruit before the crow gets it. I love it because the wooden fruit can also be used for play cooking on the toy wooden stove or in the toy shop.

It is just such a beautiful game, and such fun to play. The kids love to put the cherries on their ears as earrings and if we all beat the crow they like to feed him some fruit anyway because they feel sorry for him. If the crow wins, they all tip their baskets of fruit into the middle for the crow, and it gets a bit crazy!

The other great thing about this game is that children as young as 2 can play with mum and dad, and there are no tears about who wins. It's really good for learning about taking turns, as they wait for their turn to roll the die.

It is made by Haba in Germany and this one that we have is the biggest version they make. It's called the Giant Orchard Floor Game which I think was about $120.

The best thing about the giant floor version is that the wooden fruit are all the correct size for playing shop with and are in fact identical to the Haba fruit you can buy individually for the Haba toy shop.

Our game came from Fun, Form and Function who were located in Claremont at the time but are now in Mosman Park (thanks Nanna and Pop for the great Christmas present!) but I can't find the giant floor version online anywhere in Australia.

Here is the smaller version which is more the size of a normal game:

and there is also a tiny little mini game available which is so cute:


  1. This looks like a fantastic game, so many beutiful colours and been wooden its just perfect. I must fess up and say I have been visiting your blog everyday as my all time favourite song is the Power of Your love. Thanks for a great blog.

  2. Looks like a great game - love all teh wooden fruit! Perfect for school holiday fun.

    When my kids were smaller we used to love all the Ravensburger games (German also). We were members of a toy library so got to borrow a different game every week or two.

  3. That looks awesome - we've been playing *hungry hippos* and even my 19 month old is getting into it!! But this game looks great :D

  4. Super game! Looks like there could be a great deal of family fun to be had! Loved looking at your gorgeous children and beautiful photos.

  5. Forgot to say, my Oliver was about 6 when he drew the tiger. Loved listening to In Christ Alone whilst looking at your blog.

  6. Wow, looks like a great game! So much better than the plastic stuff out there.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my post.
    That game looks a lot of fun. I love that its got wooden components and not plastic. I'll keep this game n mind for when my little one is a bit older.

  8. Wow ...this sounds like an awesome game. I'll have to check it out for my granddaughter. She would love it. Thank you for stopping by and checking out the newly painted cupboard. Have a wonderful week ahead, you four little kiddies are adorable!

  9. Thanks for sharing this -- I've been eyeing this game but had no idea they had a larger version. I'll have to see if they have it around here in the US. -- Molly

  10. I'm one of those who would buy a game solely because it has good bits, those wooden fruit are wonderful!


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