Stainless steel drink bottles

Did you know only 23% of plastic bottles are recycled in the US, and 38 billion bottles go into landfill each year!! 38 billion!! I don't know what the stats are for Australia, but I'm sure its not much better...

Also, plastic drink bottles, even reusable ones, can have some pretty nasty chemicals (such as bisphenol A) in them that may leach into your drinking water and be absorbed by your body and possibly cause a range of health effects including early onset of puberty in females and birth defects.

Until recently, the main choice in non plastic drink bottles has been the popular and pretty Sigg bottles in aluminium, or the more plain and simple Klean Kanteen bottles in stainless steel.

What a dilemma! To get the pretty aluminium one or the plain stainless steel one?

Well, I am a big fan of stainless steel drink bottles... they beat all other types by a long way... no nasty plastics to drink, no glass to break and no aluminium.

From the Klean Kanteen website:

"Klean Kanteens are made from #304 stainless steel, the material of choice in the food processing, dairy, and brewery industries. Stainless steel is easy to clean, durable, inert, sanitary, toxin-free, and non-leaching.
Stainless steel Klean Kanteens outlast their plastic counterparts and drinking water from a stainless steel Klean Kanteen tastes clean and odor free, unlike drinking from plastic which often makes water smell and taste undesirable."

Our family chose to go for the more plain looking stainless steel bottle over the pretty Sigg aluminium ones, and so we all have a Klean Kanteen bottle each... the kids have the 18oz with the sport sipper lid, and we have the 27oz with the stainless flat cap.

However, more recently, Klean Kanteen have at last started producing bottles in colours (no pretty pictures though), and Sigg have come up with a bottle which is both stainless steel and good looking!

If I didn't already have a shiny Klean Kanteen bottle, I would get a Sigg stainless steel vintage oval flask in a flash:

In Australia, Klean Kanteens and the stainless steel Sigg are available here:


  1. Wow! I was just thinking the other day how I need to get a better water bottle instead of using plastic. Thanks you've just done the hard work for me,I'm going to look them up now.

  2. I've been eyeing those Sigg bottle for some time, they're just so pretty, but I'd worry about they getting dented. Didn't even know about the stainless ones, thanks for the heads up!

  3. We do the Sigg....and we get ours at Whole Foods, they usually have a good selection, although I haven't seen the flask yet. I love that.
    I am also loving your blog, I just popped over from the comment you left for me (thanks for that).
    You have a beautiful family.
    I am off to explore some more.

  4. I've got a Kleen Kanteen (24 oz) and my son has a 12 oz, both with sport caps... he wouldn't drink out of a sippy cup for a while but loved my bottle, so I got him his own! We have ours from — not sure if they'd ship to Australia or if they have the new designs, but I listen to the More Hip Than Hippie podcast (done by the store's owner) and love it, so I'm all about supporting their business.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog (thoughtsfromhermes)!

  5. Kewel, thanks for the heads up.

  6. Hi Ruth,
    Thought you might like to check out our website,
    Our high quality stainless steel drink bottles are 100 percent Australian owned and more affordable than our foreign competition.
    Kind regards,
    Kath and Meredith

  7. Hi Ruth,

    I offer stainless steel drink bottles as fundraisers so we can keep our kids away from BPA's and the school can raise some funds. If anyone wants to do a fundraiser check out or send me an e-mail.



  8. I was introduced to the Contigo Auto-seal bottles at a friend's house. They seem really good (and no-spill!).

    Someone on ebay has them and ships to Australia, which is fantastic.

    1. HI, wow beautiful bottles thanks for sharing.

      Drink Bottles


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