Toffee Apple Disaster

I remember eating toffee apples when I was a kid and they were yummy! Although sometimes the bought ones were brown in the middle... probably from sitting on the shelf for too long!

Anyway, Mum sometimes used to make them for us, and they were great, so I thought I would make some for our kids.

Well... they were a bit of a disaster... the toffee was great and cracking nicely in the glass of cold water and ready to go, so I added the food colouring, then turned around to get the tray of apples with popsticks stuck in. When I turned back with the tray, the whole saucepan full of toffee had turned to sugar! It had crystalised in the blink of an eye.

I added a little water and tried to save the toffee by dissolving it all again, and it seemed to work. I dipped all the apples into the toffee and sat them on the tray, but they all crystalised, so the kids ate sugary apples instead of toffee apples.

Would anyone be able to send me some tips, tricks or a decent recipe on how to make toffee apples?

I made them green because we had no red food colouring! Here is Charlotte with her "sugar apple"


  1. Hello Ruth,
    You are clever to even attempt toffee apple, I will guess it was red but thats only because I have only seen red toffee apples. I liked that you played with them in photoshop.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Toffee Apples are a blast from the past - they remind me of school fetes! I have never made them myself so sorry can't give you any tips! Love your photoshop images.

  3. Oh yum - toffee apples. I have no advise on how to make them - wouldn't have a clue.
    But thanks for your stopping past my blog to say hello. Your kids are adoralbe! And it's always nice to meet another Aussie in the blogging world.
    I'll pop back again soon to see what adventures your familiy are up to.

  4. Yummy! I haven't thought about toffee apples for years!!

  5. No advice, but wow that sounds soooo good!!
    Your kids are beautiful!!

  6. Hi Ruth, I can help you with toffee apples. We used to make dozens of them in Busselton for thr festival weekend. I'll come over soon and we'll make some!

  7. I tried toffee apples for the first time recently too and had the exact same problem! It was weird because I had just made some toffee (for something else) which was super yummy and chewy but the toffee apple toffee was a disaster! Looking forward to reading your toffee apple success post ;)

  8. Hi Ruth,

    I have just made a batch of toffee apples for our parish fair. The only thing i can suggest is maybe you left the toffee on the heat too long after it reached 'hard crack' stage. My recipe said to remove from heat immediately it reached that point. Also, i put th food colouring at the beginning, as soon as all the sugar had dissolved. DOn't know if that would make any difference but it might be worth a try!


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