No more plastic cups

Wordless Wednesday


  1. He is soooo cute! I admire your efforts in bringing up green kids! Congrats and well done. :)

  2. What a sweetie!

    And YAY! Good for you! I threw out our picnic-plastic-cups the other day, as part of my cleaning-out-the-plastic-routine! We use glass, found some really thick glass cups about a year ago, and so far we haven't broken any.... That's pretty good for a family with a 1yr old and a 3 yr old I think!

    Thanks for sharing all the info on the plastic, I really appreciate it. A lot!

  3. Great idea. Love that cup!

  4. Ohh Wordless Wednesday - love the idea. And those photos are adorable... of course you already knew that :)

  5. Love it! Please share where you got that cute little cup. I've switched over our waterbottles and have been wanting to switch over our sons 'meal' cup to a non-plastic alternative.
    Those pictures are too cute!

  6. Thank you for coming along to check out my blog.

    I love the cup your son is using and it is a great way to get him into the green living without making a big production of it all.

    As for tracking your finances, it really helps with budgeting because you can identify the money pits that start small.


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