Fathers Day

We went to Nannarup (a nearby beach) for Fathers Day on Sunday. Nannarup Beach has heaps of great sand dunes, and lots of people go sandboarding there, so that is what we did. The kids had so much fun, and we joined in with them!

Uncle Ian (Michael's brother) is staying with us for a week and he drove us out there in his 4WD and brought his sandboards.

If you come from a snowy area, you will see that it is similar to playing in the snow (but warm!). The kids even made sand angels!

Oliver loved his sandboard so much that he was cuddling it!

Ian took some family photos for us which was great because we hardly ever think to do it.

After the beach we went down to the Squid Shack for tea and had calarmari and chips and then home for icecream.


  1. Great pictures! It looks like you play in the sand the same way we play in the snow! LOL! And....how cute is that picture of Oliver hugging his sand-board!

  2. What a wonderful group of pictures. Looks like you had an amazing day.

  3. That pic of oliver cuddling his sandboard is sooo precious! What a great father's day celebration you had. :)

  4. Alex.huggett@gmail.com10 September 2008 at 13:01

    That second last pic of Charlotte is iconic! Great series and looked like a great day.

  5. Ruth they are fabulous photos! So good that you got a family shot - I always forget too! What a great fathers' day.

  6. I want to come with you on one of your outings, I haven't made a sand angel in years, I guess I don't like all that sand in my hair, funny it never used to bother me was I was a little one!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely family photo's.

  7. Your pictures are stunning and everyone looks to having so much fun.
    I love the last picture the best - that needs to be enlarged up and framed - wow !

  8. Yes, I agree you got some wonderful shots of Charlotte and the others aren't to shy of wonderful either! We went to the beach for the day before Father's Day, and had a similarly sandy-haired experience. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Must must must remember it next time.
    ~ Sharon

  9. Gorgeous photos!
    You make me miss the beach so much, though I have yet to visit a beach you could actually slide down on a board - that is too cool!

  10. Lovely photos Ruth! Looking at them makes us miss you all! I think we will have to come down and visit very soon :-)


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