Stainless Steel Drink Bottle Giveaway

I am very keen to get people started on the road to a healthier future for themselves and our environment, so I am going to be giving away a 530 ml Klean Kanteen with sports cap pictured below and valued at $26 (AUD).

All you have to do is add a comment below on how you have changed (or intend to change) something in your lifestyle to reduce plastic use, and I will use a random number generator to choose a winner. To read more about the dangers of plastics in food use, have a look at my previous post, "Plastic not so fantastic", which contains heaps of information and links for you to browse.

If the winner is someone who has linked to this post from their blog, they may choose their 530 ml bottle from the new Kolor Range pictured below and valued at $30.50 (AUD).
I purchased our Klean Kanteens at Butt Natural, and that is where I will be purchasing the giveaway bottle and have it sent directly to you.

If the winner is not located in Australia, I may have it sent directly to you from a more local supplier.

Entries close 12pm Friday 5th September, 2008


  1. Ooh, I've been dying to get one of those bottles! I used to carry a Nalgene bottle everywhere until I found out about all the nasty things it could have been doing to me.

    To reduce plastic I use canvas bags for my shopping at every store that I can. I recycle all the plastic I can and I also reuse containers for storage, gift packaging, gardening, etc. I'm working on phasing out zipper storage bags, right now we only use them for freezing items. And I make a point of looking for products made from post-consumer plastics. Still working on getting better, but it's a start!

  2. Ohh Ruth.

    I am a little sceptical about how using these sort of bottles will help me. I am sure the no plastic thing is a winner but honestly how can you stop the kids loosing them or they get stolen at school. LOL Everyone will want one LOL.

    I use envirosax all the time I have about 10 of them. Hubby uses them even with the flowers on them.

    I would like to get rid of glad wrap but I use it all the time so not sure if I can get rid of it. Maybe I could set myself a target of using something else.

    I will have to get the kids more involved cause they are shocking at loosing containers all the time.

  3. Forgot to add that I use body shop products and they recycle all their containter. I make sure I rinse them out and send them to a consultant who I had to tell off cause she wasn't asking her customers to rinse out their containers so wasting more water in huge factories by having to doubly wash everything. I am trying

  4. I love these containers.I bought some Nalgene water bottles last year and have a hard time throwing things out.I would love to have all glass storing containers for leftovers...someday. I have some nice glass baking dishes that I use and love. I have one of those retro pyrex containers, but I regret the cover broke. I have many re-usable shopping bags, and always feel as though I have accomplished something when I remember to bring them into the store with me:-)

  5. I have started recycling on our farm, which is no mean feat. We live 140km from the nearest recycling bins so take it to town when I can - but can see the benefits of a smaller rubbish tip on our property. I'm pregnant also, and looking forward to using some Green Kids nappies instead of the evil *uggies.

  6. I always use the green shopping bags for the weekly grocery shop and have started taking a tote when shopping for other items. We do reuse and recycle a lot but now I am alerted to the dangers of plastics (eg drink bottles and the like) I will need to rethink that.

  7. Hi Ruth

    I use reusable shopping bags when grocery shopping. Most of the tiemI remember to bring them along :) It really cuts down the plastic bags that accumulate at home.

    I use modern cloth nappies. These are reusable and washable. Not to mention cute and comfy for baby too.

    I have found plastic lunch boxes that do not have the nasty chemicals in them, but boy they are pricey.

    I also use a plastic collapsible water bottle from Platypus that repostedly has no nasty plastic ingredients too.

  8. Hi Ruth

    thanks for all the info - you have been an inspiration. We are very close to no plastic here now...

    I use envirosax bags for the shopping, we all have Sigg bottles, I have just replaced a heap of plastic containers with glass and stainless steel ones, and have order some stainless steel plates, cups etc for the kids to use. I still need to get some microwave containers that aren't plastic, and a few more for the fridge. Definately no glad wrap here anymore! I also use sandwich and snack wraps in lunchboxes .


  9. Just read your very informative post about plastics and I'm on a mission to reduce/eliminate it from my life! I'm trying to look for a safer water bottle too!

  10. I've been slowly browsing op shops for funky ceramic/glass cookware and food storage - getting there, but I can only really buy 1 or 2 at a time because I need to take them home on the bus!

    I too had the problem with the huge green bags so I bought some string bags, and always have a couple in my bag. I usually do small amounts of shopping at a time, again since I need to bring it home on the bus, and can almost always get by with the couple of bags as they're very expandable.

    I have bought the kids EcoTanka s/steel water bottles, but I'm still using my plastic one *oops*

    I just generally try to avoid overpackaged items when shopping. Oh, and I re-use the small plastic bags for fruit/veg, but ages ago I bought mesh fabric to make re-usable bags for this - just haven't managed to sew them yet, heh.

  11. Hi Ruth! We've been cutting down our plastic usage over the last year, too. I picked up the same type of pyrex dishes for leftovers! We use glasses at home, and reusable bottles for out -- but actually, even the reusables are a type of plastic. So a Kleen Kanteen would be awesome!!

    And I'm finally giving up plastic shopping bags (and paper, for that matter) by bringing my own. I'm cheap, so that's been the toughest one. I've always reused the plastic bags we get, and then recycled them. But my cheapness also means we've been cloth diapering for seven years. :)

  12. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Let me know what you think of the quinoa :)

    I'd love to be entered in your contest. We've been using homemade cloth grocery bags as well as pyrex baking dishes and hoping to phase out our plastic dishes. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Hi Ruth

    Please Checkout our site and give us a call mabe we can get you going with a fundraising package for the schools in your area.


  14. Lets see - where should I start Ruth :).

    Cloth nappies on 3 children.
    Cloth pads for myself since DS#1 was born
    Totes or other reusable bags for shopping. Refusing a bag if I am only getting a few things I can carry without a bag.
    I have a mug I take with me to get coffee when I am out and about


  15. Hi Ruth!

    You've found a good way to get lots of comments :-)

    I've been thinking about getting new drink bottles since reading your posts. I've been leanign towards getting some coloured kanteen ones (so we can easily tell all 7 apart!), but I just found some foogoo (?) ones by 'Thermos' and they look good too.

    On the plastics - I use a lot of tupperware, which is, of course, a plastic but means we rarely use plastic wrap. I bought a catering roll about 6 years ago and it will last at least another 6 - more likely 12 or 18...
    I sometimes use snap lock bags for convenience, but always wash them and reuse them. I can't bring myself to 'waste' something still functional. I've been using pyrex containers for freezing meals for sometime. I have a large large lasagne size one and two smaller square ones. I hated the idea of throwing out the aluminium trays after the meal was reheated and eaten. Not quite plastic, but enviro-friendly all the same.

    I could go on...

    On another note, we have managed to cut our water usage by 60% in the last year very simply, and I think we use about half the average in our area - and that's with 5 kids and at least 10 loads of washing each week!

    Bec :-)

  16. Ruth is so great that you are taking the time to make us all more aware of our environment. My problem in this house is paper waste, having a very arty 6 year old leads to lots of drawings around my home and while I don't like to discourage her drawings and paintings I always remind her of the trees we are loosing.
    My solution has been to include them as scrap booking background papers and this works well for both her and me as I get to save money as well and my pages are unique.

  17. What a great giveaway! My change is using cloth bags for shopping and hanging out my laundry to dry. Saves on energy. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. katef - www.picklebums.com5 September 2008 at 08:26

    Oooh I'd love one of the kiddy ones of these for my three - might ask for them for Christmas.
    Thanks so much for writing these posts... it wasn't news to me but it was something I'd put my head in the sand about up until now but you've given me some practical and not too $$ ideas to work towards.

  19. Hi Ruth - I use the green shopping bags and refuse plastic bags at other shops - I have a big handbag thank goodness :) we have used cloth on both kids and we are mega-recyclers - each fortnight our recycling bin is always more full than our regular rubbish bin which is so cool :)

    Love these bottles - will wait to see how I go - but I was just about to buy some anyway :)

    hugs Kat

  20. Suzanne have you thought about giving your daughter scrap paper to draw on. Usually when we receive something in the mail that's only printed on one side I keep the paper for making notes, lists and for DS to draw on! (There's a bit of a stash from all the pre-election paraphernalia!)

  21. I have been looking at buying a few of those waterbottles. We are trying to reduce our rubbish and eco footprints. God has made us keepers of this earth which is something to be taken seriously. We reuse as much as possible but on the other hand we are buying less in plastic. Hubby loves all the yoghurt/plastic containers for his shed to put all his nails, screw etc in.

    Caroline J

  22. Yes, it is more safe to use these kind of bottles.


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