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Congratulations to a farm wife who left the following comment:

I have started recycling on our farm, which is no mean feat. We live 140km from the nearest recycling bins so take it to town when I can - but can see the benefits of a smaller rubbish tip on our property. I'm pregnant also, and looking forward to using some Green Kids nappies instead of the evil Huggies.

Please contact me, and your Klean Kanteen will be on it's way to your farm very soon!

Since my last couple of posts, I have had a lot of questions from people about Tupperware. Is it safe to use?

Well, the most important thing to consider is whether it contains Bisphenol-A (BPA). If you are going to use plastic, you want to make sure it is BPA-free.

Some Tupperware is BPA-free, and some is not. Unfortunately, most of the Tupperware dishes designed for heating food in the microwave DO contain BPA, and therefore should be avoided.

The following article is very helpful, as it lists which Tupperware products are BPA-free!

Here is a snippet from that website:

BPA-Free Tupperware Products
Cups: Sipper Seal Domed Set, Bell Tumbler, ThirstBreak Tumbler, licensed-character On-The-Go Tumblers
Utensils: Baby Feeding Spoon and Travel Case
Tableware: Beverage and Snack Set, Mini "Serve-It" Line, Ideal Lit'l Bowl Set, licensed-character Meal Sets, Big Wonders Bowl, Backyardigans Lunch Set, Kids Divided Dish Set, Disney/Pixar Cars Canister, Kung Fu Panda Lunch Set, Microwave Cereal Bowls, Snack Cup Set, ThatsA Bowl, Wonderlier Bowl Set
Other: Sandwich Keeper, Canister Set, Mini Baking Set, Access Mates, Cake Takers, Chef Series Cookware, Chip 'N Dip, Crystalwave, Flat Out, Forget Me Not, Fresh N Cool Set, Fridge Smart, Fridge Stackables, Impressions, Ice Tups, Shape O Toy, Tote-em Pails Toy, Kitchen Duos, Lunch 'n Things Container, Measuring Spoons, Modular Mates, One Touch Canisters, Prep Essentials, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Sandwich Keeper Set, Season-Serve Container, Spice Set, Spin 'N Save Salad Spinner,

Tupperware Products Containing BPA
Cups: Ice Prisms Tumbler.
Utensils: None.
Tableware: Ice Prisms Bowls.
Other: Heat N Serve, Rock N Serve, Ice Prisms Pitcher, Microsteamer, Microwave Cooker - Oval, Microwave Luncheon Plate, Quick Chef Base, Sheerly Elegant Line, Tumbler Bouquet and Pitcher Set
The best thing you can possibly do is to never heat up anything in the microwave in any plastic dishes... just use glass or china instead.

Pyrex dishes are perfect, and it doesn't matter if they have a plastic cover, so long as it is not touching your food.

If you only make one change to your lifestyle, this is the best change to make today!


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    And thank you for the link to the Tupperware lists... Will be going through my collection today!
    I have been out scouting for the Pyrex glass containers, and have found a few :-) I have also found a tutorial for a reusable sandwich-bag, so I can get rid of the zip-locks! -well, use them for quilting projects, which was why I started buying them in the first place :-)

  2. Thanks for the research on the Tupperware Ruth!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog - I love reading yours and you have lots of interesting things posted - I'll come back and read more... :)

  4. Thanks Ruth! Loving your blog. You're a font of knowledge! The Tupperware list is very handy.


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