Considering a block of land

Well, we took the kids out today after school, to show them the block of land we have been looking at.

It is 2 hectares (about 5 acres) of bush, with a small section of cleared land. The kids all had a wonderful time there today and would happily move there immediately, but if we do end up buying this block, it will just be to go and play on whenever we have a few days off. One day down the track, when the kids are a little older, we might build there, but at this stage, it would just be a shed and rainwater tank.

It is about 30 minutes away from home, and we are very keen to have somewhere like this where we can go and camp, light little fires, plant fruit trees and just relax and unwind.

The photos below were all taken with my new mobile phone (Michael and I both got new phones today, and it's all I had with me) so please excuse the quality.

See what you think:

Oh, and on the way home Michael stopped and turned the car around on the main road (110 km/h) because he had seen a tortoise! It was very random to see a tortoise out there so far from water so we all got out to have a look, and made sure he was right off the road... he was very cute!


  1. You have a beautiful family!!!!! I would like to come and camp on the land it looks like so much fun : ) God Bless you today~

  2. Ruth,

    Joshua just came in and said in a very excited voice, "I know that song! Please turn it up, mummy. It's a church song!" We just learnt In Christ Alone together as a family in our Circle Time.

    Then he told me (looking over my shoulder), "It looks a really great blog." I thought he said "block" and wondered how he knew that term for a parcel of land... then I realised what he had really said and had a chuckle to myself - I definitely know how he learnt that word!

    I love the long neck turtle. I must take the kids out bush more often.

    ~ Sharon

  3. That's a beautiful piece of land! Great place for camping!

  4. Ooooh, it is so lovely!! Did you love it Ruthie?

  5. Wow what a great block to escape too for some peace & quiet and still close enough to home

  6. Hi Ruth

    I've loved reading your blog and looking at your pics. The beach pics are great but I love these ones of the land - what a lovely place. It's perfect for fun times with the kids.

    I look forward to coming back again.

  7. Hi,there!
    I am VERY interested!How much is a 5 acre property in Australia?Will you email me?I love it!What fun!Planting trees, having a cabin and water tank, sounds delightful!

  8. ooh how exciting - I think it would be a great thing to own this land - or any land for that matter -good luck on your decision making
    lisa x

  9. Are you still thinking about getting this block? Looks amazing.


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