Monte Cubino chairs for kids

Mmm... I'm loving these Cubino chairs by Monte. They are so stylish for a kids' chair and would look fantastic in the playroom.

However, I can't find them available anywhere in Australia and even if I did find them, I would want one of each colour... which would work out rather pricey I'm afraid. But imagine the fun the kids would have sitting on them, and stacking them and lounging on them...

They have a water repellant and stain resistant outer, and the covers are removeable and machine washable!
Here is the official spiel on them:

The cubino - a kid's chair you won't need to hide when guests arrive. This chair is made of thick and durable foam covered with a soft polyester canvas. Sturdy and comfortable, it has modern two-tone colour choices, a removable seat cushion, and completely removable and machine washable covers. Whether lounging during a cartoon, or reading books on their own, kids will love this cool chair.

Recommended for ages 18 months to 7 years.

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  1. you should sell them,you have me convinced and my kids are probably too big for them:-)I wants some more kids just so I can buy these chairs:-O


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