Christmas Nappies!

Wow! Sasha has just put up some very cute limited edition Christmas print nappies over at Green Kids.

I'm almost sad that Oliver is now completely toilet trained and won't get to wear one on Christmas day (not really... it's lovely not having to deal with nappies anymore!)

Oh... and I love the Christmas wetbags too... can I think of any other possible uses for one of those other than for wet nappies? hmm...


  1. Ooh I love the green christmas trees print! Hmmm, other uses for a wetbag? What about toiletries? Or carrying wet togs? Hold an icepack? A pencil case? HAHA

  2. What a cute idea!!

    In answer to you query on the wooden tree (the one I used was borrowed from a friend). I have since found a similar one at Adairs (available in white and red).

  3. Nice fabrics, especially the blue.


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