Fresh from the garden

We had some friends drop round some delicious vegetables straight out of their garden yesterday (thanks Mike and Jude!). I was so impressed with the quality of the vegetables... they were all so perfect! Michael is now inspired to get a vege patch going which would be wonderful.

There was a heap of lovely potatoes, a huge swede, some awesome beetroots and a heap of yummy carrots.

It all looked so fresh and healthy and delicious, that the kids all ran off with a whole raw carrot each while I cooked up all the rest and we ate the lot for dinner (healthy appetites around here!).

I cooked up the swede and potatoes together and made a creamy mash from them with some butter and milk, and turned the carrots into honey carrots, which all the kids love.

We also had some fresh, local Albany asparagus that I picked up at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, so I lightly panfried those in a little butter to go with the rest of the vegetables.

Also, when I went to our local gormet butcher yesterday, I saw the funniest thing... stuffed sausages!! I had to laugh, and then thought we would have to try them, so I got six of them and popped them into the oven to go with the veges for dinner.

Although they sound hilarious, and look a little funny, they were actually really delicious! They are really nice beef sausages to begin with, which are then spit longways, and stuffed with a mix of halved cherry tomatoes, parsley, a little grated cheese and a heap of other things that I can't think of right now!

When cooked, they held together nicely and the flavours from the stuffing managed to infuse right through. Everyone in the family loved them and the kids have asked when we can have them again.

A very simple dinner, almost bangers and mash really, but healthy and very tasty!

Oh... and if you are wondering what happened to the beetroots... well they weren't ready in time for dinner, but much later on that evening I discovered them and gobbled them all up, warm and lightly salted!! :-O


  1. YUM! My parents have a vedgetable garden, and hardly ever buy any vedgetables. Homegrown just tastes so much better, don't you think?

  2. What gorgeous foody loveliness! I enjoy my beetroots juiced - a beautiful deep purple colour mmmmmm :) Food tastes so much better when it is really fresh, I love it. We are hoping to build our veggie patch next year :)

  3. Yummo. We're in the early stages of preparing a small plot. Asparagus seems like a good idea right now :)

  4. Asparagus looks delicious!it is slow to get a harvest but hopefully worth the effort. We have it in a bed for the past 2 years and next year will be our first harvest!All the veg looks so colourfull and healthy.
    Best wishes


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