Bright Easter Cupcakes

Just thought I'd add a quick photo of the brighter Easter cupcakes that the kids made yesterday, seeing as they definitely seem to prefer these ones. They loved doing all kinds of weird colour combinations!


  1. These look great - good enough to eat :) I can almost taste them from here...

  2. Ruth ~

    Your blog photo (lambs and rainbow) is utterly breathtaking! Is it near your home in Oz?

    Also I would like to report that my Easter cupcakes were good to look at, but the improv recipe of boiled frosting stuck to the plastic wrap (and the children, and everythign else it came into contatc with)which rendered them pretty much inedible.

    Would you like to trade links? Let me know.

    In Christ,
    Deborah Yost

  3. Hi There. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I've just enjoyed a gentle browes through yours wicked photo's. Fabulous cupcakes so cute. xx


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