Little Doll

Alice and Paul came over today with Matilda and we had a lovely lunch and then went out to our block for some yummy cupcakes and a play on the ropeswing.

Paul put Matilda in our little doll's pram and she was so cute. The kids thought she made a very fun little doll. I can't believe how quickly she is growing!

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  1. Hi Ruth i have had 2 caesareans and i think i will have my other children that way. Your post gave me hope as i hope to have 5 kids (and 5 caesareans) one day too! How did the 5th csection go? Were there any complications? Did they say you could have more after that?

    I really want a large family and do not want to be held back by being told it's not safe to have any more :(

    Can i ask which hospital u delivered your 5th and what obstetrician? I am from Sydney.

    Thanks :)


    Would you be able to send me a quick email at carmenzxc@hotmail.com

    thanks! and all the best :)


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