Easter Cupcakes

Our lovely neighbours brought us over a warm fruitcake and Easter Eggs for all our kids yesterday, so the kids all made cards for them this afternoon, and I baked cupcakes.

Then we all decorated them and took a plateful over. This is not actually the plateful we took... we made cuter ones with a pink and yellow speckled egg on each cupcake, to match the pink and yellow swirl buttercream icing, but I forgot to take a photo! Then the kids ate the next batch, and then we had run out of pink and yellow eggs, so I just made up a few with these white eggs and quickly took a photo before they got eaten too!

The eggs we used are the chocolate filled candy coated M&M eggs, and are quite yummy and very cute. I just tried to make sure that the M that was on them was hidden underneath when the kids placed the eggs on the cakes. I think they do look cuter with two eggs on each cake, but we only had bright colours left, and they didn't really suit the pastel icing, so this lot had to make do with just one egg on each... still cute enough though.


  1. Gorgeous! Happy Easter, Ruth.
    ~ Sharon

  2. Yum Ruthie, they look amazing!

  3. Easter cupcakes are a tradition at our place too! Yours look gorgeous with the two toned icing.

  4. Hi Ruth!

    Sarah just woke up sad with a bit of a cold, so I am sitting at the computer with her - I showed her your photos of the Easter cupcakes and she immediately perked up with an, "Ooh, I love it!"

    Bec :-)


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