Monster Truck show

We went to the Monster Truck show here a while back. The kids had heaps of fun and loved watching all the crazy cars, motorbikes and trucks hooning around.

We took chairs with us, and lots of food and got there early at about 4pm so that Michael could take the kids in the pits to see the monster trucks up close before it began.
Then the kids got to go on the bouncy castle and have an icecream, so they had a lovely day.

We sat well back from the action, so the kids sat on the fence to get a good view, and Oliver sat on Michael's shoulders. We stayed until about 9pm when they had fireworks.

Now, I'm sorry (not really... heh heh) to say that I didn't actually get many photos of the show at all... I was too distracted by my lovely family, and monster trucks are not really my thing... but they all had fun watching.

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  1. You do have a lovely looking family :) We are hoping that we can get to the show when it comes down here on the weekend. I wonder if its the same one??


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