Making Orange Juice

Making a mess... err... I mean orange juice!

Kids love making orange juice for some reason. Maybe because it is something that they can do on their own and the finished product actually closely resembles what it is supposed to, or maybe simply because it's fun to make a sticky mess!

Ben asked to make orange juice yesterday and he had a lovely time making 4 little glasses of juice. I think a lemon and a mandarine also made their way into the juice but they all seemed to enjoy it.

I have an antique glass citrus juicer that I love to use for this purpose. It is so heavy and solid and definitely makes the juice-making process a more pleasant affair than my nasty
old plastic one... I do recommend that it is well worth getting a glass citrus juicer if you ever happen come across one in an antique or second hand shop. I think this one was about $15.

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  1. I used to have a glass one I bought new somewhere, though I lost it in a move years ago. Now I have a ceramic one, I love it because as you say it's solid, heavy and is not inclined to scoot across the bench like a flimsy plastic one.


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