Day 2 - School Holidays

Well we've just had our second day of the school holidays. Michael was working today, so I took the kids to church this morning, then we came home and made bread!

I gave them all a piece of dough to make whatever they liked and they made all sorts of bread goodies, from plaited bread loaves to a bread man. They added sultanas to some of them which was fun.

I made 2 large loaves and they were very yummy and so easy!

While the bread was doing it's second rising and baking, I gave Ben a little dish of tiny choc chips to take outside and share with the other kids and when I came outside, they were all sitting on the bricks in a circle sharing them out evenly. It was so cute I had to take a photo.

When their bread treats were cooked, I took them outside with some butter and they ate them on the trampoline in the beautiful sunshine.


  1. They do look cute all perched on the trampoline munching away, yum, food always tastes better outdoors. I've been bread making too and a bread man was part of my 4 yr old's creations. Kids do love working with bread dough, don't they?!

  2. What a fun idea! Would you mind sharing the recipe you used, Ruth? That bread looks scrumptious.


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