First day of the school holidays!

Yay! It's school holiday time at last!

Today I took the kids out to our block and we spent the morning there.

Uncle Ian came out to join us too, which was fun.

We lit a little campfire and cooked damper on sticks and had it with lemon butter, strawberry jam and cream... yum!

Obviously his mum never told him not to run with sticks!


  1. That looks like sooo much fun! We had a damper loaf cooked in the oven with dinner a few nights ago and there can be no comparison, yours is far and away the better option! I love that smoky flavour of fire-cooked damper.

    Joshua is off at a Boys' Brigades camp with Jeff, D and D's dad. I think they will be freezing their little toes off!

    ~ Sharon

  2. Your picnic looks very civilised! Love the idea of cooking damper on sticks. Hope you all enjoy the school holidays - it is wonderful having a slower routine.

    Sorry I can't help with the shampoo query - we all use different products here!

  3. Your posts always make me smile and the kids look like they've had lots of fun already :) Love the latest bread post too x


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