Flowers and Fruit

18th April 2008

We went on a trip to Bunnings this morning to buy some little plants. Ben, Charlotte and Jacob carefully chose one flowering plant each and carried them home in their little pots, and planted them in the garden. It was such a great activity and they feel really proud of their own little plants now. It is also a very inexpensive activity for the school holidays as the plants were only about a dollar each!

After we had dug three holes, and planted them all, and watered them, we discovered Oliver "fishing"! He had found the roller door to the shed open from when we had been getting the trowels and watering cans and he had Ben's fishing rod complete with squid jig dangling from the end, and he thought he was very clever! After a quick photo we carefully extracted it from his little hands before someone lost an eye!

Also this morning we decided to go to Farm Fresh to see what it was like, and we got some lovely fruit. We got heaps of fresh, new season, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples for 99 cents a kilo. With the Granny Smith apples, we plan to pick some more blackberries and make apple and blackberry pie to have with custard.

Much to my excitement, we also found peas in the pod. Not snow peas, or sugar snaps, but good old fashioned peas that you have to pop open to eat. I was so happy to be able to introduce the kids to the joys of eating peas from the pod, and we ate most of them before we even got home. They were really nice ones, too... fresh and sweet. I was so inspired that I bought a packet of pea seeds, but we don't really have anywhere to grow them. I'll have to be inventive...

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