Further Adventures in Kendenup

Tuesday 15th April

We woke up in Kendenup very early this morning, but it was worth it because we got to see an amazing sunrise over the Stirling Ranges.
We all had an early breakfast of eggs on toast, then we had a second breakfast a little bit later on when everyone else woke up! Heh heh... I felt a bit like a hobbit. Michael went out with Bob this morning doing lots of work with the cows, and then we all lit a big bonfire. The enormous pile of dead trees and cuttings had been sitting there waiting until the opening of fire season (which was yesterday) so we were in the right place at the right time to have some fun! Uncle Bob showed Ben and Charlotte how to put out any little tiny fires surrounding the big one with the extinguisher, so they thought that was pretty great.

After lunch Charlotte was very happy, because she got to have another ride on Nemo with Auntie Heather. Then our cousins came over and we went down to the dam to try to catch some yabbies with some meat tied onto a piece of string.
We had no luck with catching any yabbies, but the kids still had heaps of fun.

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