Visit to the Forts

We had a family visit to the Albany Forts today. It was all very interesting and they only charged us $10.40 for the whole family to enter which was excellent value. It is manned by volunteers, and everything was in great condition, so they do a very good job.

We spent a good few hours wandering around and there was heaps to see and do. The best thing about it was that we were almost the only people there.

It was great that they hadn't fenced everything off and welded everything shut for "safety" like most places. We all had a great time trying everything out and climbing up, opening hatches, going in tunnels etc. The kids thought it was very exciting!

What could this be? It was hidden in the bush, off the beaten track... they all decided it must definitely be a door to Narnia!

This is the amazing view from the top. You can see why they picked this as the place to build the forts. That is the channel into Princess Royal Harbour (Albany Port).

Ben in a chimney from the ruins of an old house.

We came across this big hole in the ground. It was what looked like a buried rainwater tank and was most likely a hiding place during the war. Anyway, as we were peering in, Charlotte spotted a cute little native marsupial running around. It had beautiful big black eyes, which you unfortunately can't see in the photo, but it was much cuter than a rat!

We all watched it for a while and it was definitely trapped in there and had no way of getting out, so we found an old plank of wood about 2 metres long and put it into the hole and then all stood back.

The cute little critter ran straight up the ramp and scampered off into the bush! So it was very exciting. Charlotte said it was her favourite part of the whole day!

Oliver playing with a latch.

Ben had fun in this hole in the wall inside the tunnel!


  1. What an exciting day that must have been! They must have had such a great time exploring. Saving the little critter was marvelous, what a memory that will be.

  2. Looks like a great day! You had nice weather to go exploring.

  3. What a great family outing - looks like you had a brilliant time exploring! How sweet that you rescued that little marsupial. Great photography!

  4. How fabulous!!! It looks like a great day out for the whole family! Am loving the look of that orchard game too, I may have to look into that, we have just started playing trouble with our littlies as we felt they were old enough now but it does often result in tears!!!


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