A perfect night in

Michael and I had a lovely night last night. We were lent a copy of the BBC mini-series North & South (2 disc - 4 episodes) and Michael had won a free snickers yesterday, so we got some nice port, and made a night of it.

We ended up watching all 4 episodes last night, which was very easy to do, as it is such a great movie. If you like Pride and Prejudice, you will love this, but even if you don't like movies such as Pride and Prejudice, you will still really enjoy North & South as it is more "real" and has more blokey stuff in it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The acting is superb and the characters believable and engaging.

Many people view it as the best British period mini-series ever produced and after seeing it ourselves, it is easy to see why so many have made this claim.

Great movie, chocolate and a fine port made for the perfect night in.

I have since found it available on FishPond, and I also saw it for sale in the service station yesterday as I was filling the car with petrol which was funny. It just seemed so out of place on the shelf alongside the chips, lollies and Mrs Macs meat pies...

Click on the image below to be taken directly to the FishPond website.

 North And South


  1. I will have to look out for it - there isn't much to watch on TV these days!

  2. Oooooo! My hubby just got three VERY manly movies--I've gotta get my hands on THESE! Wine wouldn't hurt, either! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  3. I have to get these now - Pride and Prejudice is one of my FAVORITE movies!!!

  4. Sounds like a very relaxing night

  5. Hi Ruth - we got the Buttons and Bows pins from Spotlight (Birch brand) - they are really sweet in pastel colours. I got the idea for a covered tape measure from a Japanese craft magazine. I am planning on doing a tute for it it soon!

  6. What a perfect way to spend an evening. I love Pride and Prejudice.

  7. I got the Fab U Motion at the Perth Craft and Quilt show. It is made by Viking but fits most machines. It is a platform that makes it easier to move/manipulate the quilt under the needle. I think it will make a big difference - I just need more practice!

  8. Hi Ruth love your new blog header - is such a gorgeous photo. Love the photo's of your outings with the children - especially the marshmallow roasting on a branch - mmm even the burnt ones have a special taste of their own :)
    Hugs Jx

  9. I will have to see this movie, it sounds like something I would really enjoy!

  10. Hi! I'm from the US and just stumbled upon your blog - love the picture and I also LOVE the movie 'North and South.' You should read the book - it's even better.


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